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I Am Changing My Major!

Whoo, I do not even know where to start on this one, but I hope that I can sort through my thoughts and tell you what has been happening.

As I entered my first full semester in college, I entered with bright eyes of hope and joy when I thought of everything that I wanted to learn and that I would be able to do. My goals were set, and I was determined to go and get everything that I could. But things never turn out the way that we want them to, and this semester showed me that in full abundance.

I entered this semester as an Equine Studies major with a double emphasis in science and management and a minor in music. For anyone curious as to why I apparently just wanted to make it more difficult on myself. What else would I do?🤷‍♀️ I had an equine studies class and a management class for my equine major. For my music minor, I had written theory, sight-reading/aural training, vocal lessons, and choir. To finish out my semester course load, I had two gen ed classes. So the majority of my class load was music classes, which, to be completely honest, was not my intention at all.

However, as I began all my classes and programs, there was no denying that I loved all of my music classes. As I delved into this magical world and got to know my professors, I started to feel this pull toward music.

The one place that I did not think would change so much was in my vocal lessons. I came into this with minimal expectations for where my voice could go, but my gosh, I grew so much over one semester.

Here are two videos to show you all that a great voice teacher can do for you. And this is not me bragging either. This is me telling you that you can find something that you never knew you had in you before. So if you are interested in listening, here they are!



I got to be in a choir, for my written theory class, I got to write my own composition, and I learned how to hear intervals and different chord types, and so much more. And I just could not get enough.

Meanwhile, in my equine class, I just felt a little stuck. It is not that the information was not necessary. I felt like I was learning everything all over again and having to pay for it. Everything in the equine major is essential, but I would learn more in selecting the classes that I knew that I would need.

Along with a few other reasons and the music department’s exceptional faculty, I made the difficult decision to change my majors. It is not a decision that I took lightly, but if you had told me not four months ago that I would be changing my major, I probably would have laughed. I knew exactly what I was going to do in college and what I would do with my life. But the one thing that I have learned in my first semester in college is that you have to be flexible.

One conversation with my professor really made me stop and think about everything. I asked her what I would be able to do with a music degree, and she asked me if I wanted to hear the truth or what I wanted to hear. She told me that I will have so many almost unlimited possibilities open to me with this degree and probably not know what I want to do until after I graduate. That was not what I wanted to hear at all, but it was what I needed to be told. I spent a good week thinking about everything in my life and what I was enjoying at this moment. That time led me to conclude that I am never going to get a chance like this again. Ever. When am I going to study everything I could possibly dream of with music after this time in my life. Never. So, I am taking this time to learn and grow and see where it takes me!

I will still be taking equine classes as electives when I can. There will be a few semesters that I will be taking 12 credits of music classes and trying to complete my gen eds, so I do not have the freedom to do a minor. Every class has to count towards what I want to learn about, so electives when I can participate in clubs when I can to get my horsey fix. Meanwhile, let the music begin!


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